Next steps for ISO 45001

The meeting in Malaysia ending on 23 September will decide the next steps for the standard. There were many comments on the 2nd draft ISO 45001 standard and there is now a strong possibility that those comments will be accommodated in a final draft. If so, a Final Draft Standard will be published before the finished standard can be finalised. To do so an application to ISO for a further extension would be required, because the "normal" 3 year timescale has been exceeded (an extension has already been given). The final content may not be too dissimilar to the current version as major changes will risk losing the existing high level of support from the national standards' bodies.

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Ballot Successful for ISO 45001

The result of the ballot on the second draft standard has been successful in supporting moving the standard to publication. The final date of publication is very likely to be in 2018.
The National Standard's Bodies voted with 88% in favour. Evidently the modifications to earlier editions now meet most nations' needs.
The next stage will be a meeting of the drafting committee in Malacca, Malaysia on 18 to 23 September 2017. Here the committee may decide either to issue a final draft standard or move directly to publication.
Already organisations are providing training for auditors.
We too will host conferences in the UK delivered by experts and for those who cannot attend we will have online briefings and podcasts. There will be a charge for these services.
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ISO 45001 Ballot Results to be Announced on 20 July 2017

On 20 July the results of the ballot will be announced. This will determine whether or not the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System will be successfully published. If successful publication will be either late 2017 or early in 2018.  The drafting committee will decide in September.  If the vote is successful what will this mean for your organisation?  Or if it is unsuccessful what is the likely outcome, because others may produce a look alike standard?

BSI Open Meeting 45001 on 13 June 2017

The UK committee responsible for comments to ISO 45001 working group held an open meeting, in which the UK's comments were discussed. Attendees showed much interest in how organisations are going to transit to 45001 and how they will be certificated. This was a great opportunity for users to make their contributions. See the slide deck in RESOURCES tab. Make your comments on BSI website or after 18 June in the EHS 45001 Linkedin Group

Second Draft Published 29 March 2017

The long awaited second DIS is now available. See in Resources our Gap Analysis and comment on DIS 2. The DIS 2 is open for IOSH members, or you can purchase from BSI  here

Drafting Committee News 20 Feb. 2017

I have today, 20 February 2017, had a message from the convener of the ISO drafting group about the current and future development of ISO 45001. It is a very positive message, which I hope will bring success in achieving a winning ballot result later this year. In addition the significance of ISO 45001 will no doubt be its place in the ongoing Globalisation debate.
see this link for Kristian's message

The working group was drafting the second Draft International Standard during w/c 13 February. It appears they have made a "huge step forward in finishing the job". There is no further official information regarding the content and its differences to the first DIS. So we do not know whether there are obvious substantial changes and implications for implementation or will lay persons find it difficult to spot the differences? I will ask Kristian when we can expect to hear more. Here is his post:

New Timeline to Publication of ISO 45001 as at February 2017

The publication of the standard is going to be later than originally planned, now likely to be 2018, possibly as late as June or July, see http:// . The drafting group processed many of the 3000 comments on the first draft at their meeting in Lithuania in early November 2016. To finalise the remaining comments a further meeting is due in Austria in February 2017 to produce a second draft, for publication, may be, in June 2017.  If the national standards' bodies vote in favour of the 2nd draft an agreed standard is possible late 2017.  This will provide some more time for organisations to take up the opportunity to prepare for its new requirements.  I will keep you up to date with progress.