Ballot results for ISO 45001 FDIS

The ballot results are in favour of publishing ISO 45001. Due to some comments concerning correction to the text ISO will process them before publication, thus timeline to do so is presently uncertain. But sometime in March is likely.  see our new website for more information 

Final Draft Standard ISO 45001 Published

The FDIS ISO 45001 has been published. A ballot is now underway which if successful will lead to the standard being published in February 2018. The changes from the DIS2 to the FDIS can be seen in resources where you will see a gap table DIS2 to FDIS. We will send you more detailed commentary when you register

Publication Date Announced for ISO 45001

A communique sent by ISO announces the expected publication date to be February 2018, which is earlier than many predicted. Publication will only happen if the ballot due to end on 25 January 2018 is successful. The last ballot produced a result of 88% in favour. Now that further comments have been process one expects more support. That is not necessarily the case though, as if comments suit one National Standard's Body they may not be favoured by another. All negotiations are compromise.  Nevertheless this communique seems supremely confident of the right result!

Final Draft International Standard ISO 45001 Due for Publication

There is to be a Final Draft International Standard which will be published before the Final Standard.

The publication date is expected to be 27 November 2017 (ref BSI). It will be 40 pages long and available through the ISO online shop (ref. ISO).

To pass through this FDIS stage the National Standards' Bodies will have to vote 66% in favour with less than 25% against. Approval is not a foregone conclusion, as the first draft did not achieve the necessary majority. However the second draft reached 88% in favour. This time, unless the redrafting has satisfied those no voters, there will still be those who will vote against.  The voting period is 8 weeks, thus the vote should close in mid January 2018.  If the vote is successful the Standard will perhaps be published by April 2018.

More detail from Malaysia ISO 45001 meeting ending 23 September 2017

What happens after the ISO 45001 Meeting in Malaysia?

Many of you want more detail of the meeting of the ISO 45001 drafting group (PC 283) held in Melaka. The following is an outline of the context in which the meeting took place and the likely next steps. In addition there are other associated ISOs which you need to be aware of, as they will determine your success in achieving ISO 45001 certification.

It has been stated that the group have met for the last time. Since the final decisions on next steps rests with Committee and the Secretariat it would seem to indicate they could move to publish the standard imminently, possibly January 2018, however March has also been mentioned by a number of sources.  It is quite possible that no Final DIS will be created and the new standard will be published in its present form with minor amendments.

In addition ISO 17021 p10 which is a Technical Specification for "Competence Requirements for Auditing and Certification of OHSMS" will be published at the same time as ISO 45001.

Also a draft standard ISO 19011 "Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems" has been published.

Furthermore annex SL is being revised and should be finalised soon.  Because this high level structure determines the shape of Integrated Management Systems, 45001 must be closely aligned, thus making integration with 9001/14001 easier.

OHSAS 18001 will be withdrawn on publication of ISO 45001, but users insist it should be available for three years after 45001 publication, giving a transitional period to achieve the new requirements.  A migration planning guide will be available for this transition.

This programme indicates how much is going to happen in the next few months.

We will launch a community in November here on our website to give you more insights into all of these standards and provide you with potential solutions to the difficulties you may encounter in achieving these ISO requirements.

News from Malaysia ISO 45001 September 2017

I understand that the ISO 45001 Working Group meeting held in Malaysia on 18 to 23 September 2017 completed all the necessary outstanding work and have now passed their output to the project committee and ISO Secretariats. These bodies will decide the next step to publication of ISO 45001. An announcement is expected within the next six weeks. I do not know whether this will lead to a Final Draft Standard, or if the Standard will go straight to publication. However the outcome is that there will be an ISO 45001!  This is a great step for the health and safety community and a giant leap forward in global acceptance that health and safety is good for business too!We will be publishing solutions on how to achieve ISO 45001 on this website just as soon as we have the final detail of the standard.  And those solutions will be online as the vast majority of you have requested.

Ballot Successful for ISO 45001

The result of the ballot on the second draft standard has been successful in supporting moving the standard to publication. The final date of publication is very likely to be in 2018.
The National Standard's Bodies voted with 88% in favour. Evidently the modifications to earlier editions now meet most nations' needs.
The next stage will be a meeting of the drafting committee in Malacca, Malaysia on 18 to 23 September 2017. Here the committee may decide either to issue a final draft standard or move directly to publication.
Already organisations are providing training for auditors.
We too will host conferences in the UK delivered by experts and for those who cannot attend we will have online briefings and podcasts. There will be a charge for these services.
If you are interested in either of these activities please register on this website using the tab on the left of this page.