How will the standard impact your business?

You may be familiar with BS "OHSAS 18001" Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System however there will be significant changes to this protocol. ISO 45001 will replace 24 National Standards - including OHSAS 18001. This ISO, developed as it will be with input from 135 member countries, will make it the most important OHSMS ever introduced. The main changes from what you may have experienced will come from the clauses on "leadership", “improvement”, risks and opportunities, documented information and the "context" of the organisation. The new standard is ambitious in requiring companies to improve their performance by taking "opportunities" which may arise. The target is for organisations to develop cultures and systems to bring about continuous improvement. The standard will require personal commitment and involvement of leaders and top management. The "context" of the organisation relates to its industry sector, geographical location, in conjunction with prevailing social conditions, local legislation and the roles of their stakeholders, together with their supply chain (known as "external providers"). In addition there could be input from members of the public who may have influence on or be affected by the company's activities. The new standard is an integrated management standard. It will therefore be compatible with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The format will be based on "Annex SL" as are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

THIS WEBSITE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH THE PRACTICAL TOOLS YOU WILL NEED TO IMPLEMENT THE NEW STANDARD. The tools will give you a step by step guide to make an initial assessment of your current performance.- It will create a gap analysis and improvement plan, which, if implemented, will bring you to the standard necessary for accreditation- including self verification-such that you can apply with confidence knowing that your methodology secures compliance with the standard.