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By: Chris J Ward | May 28, 2017

On 25 May , Jane and I held a webinar discussion (780 registered, hosted by Intelex) to explain the Three Reasons Why Organisations Fail to Manage OHS. The slide deck and audio will be posted here at the start of June.  Meanwhile a number of you want to know the differences between OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001.  I have added a table in resources for you.  Why not register for inside track updates (see tab) to be automatically updated?

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By: Chris J Ward | May 06, 2017

Having recently acted as a panelist on the Future of ISO 45001 I am now more aware of the hurdles users will face when attempting to comply. For instance how are organisations going to provide "demonstrable evidence" of leadership, context and risk profiling.  See my presentation in Resources and read comments  on this link 

By: Chris J Ward | May 05, 2017

Takeaway: Deregulation has given rise to a lot of uncertainty about international safety standards.
How can businesses position themselves to take commercial advantage of the new climate of deregulation while protecting themselves, their reputation, and their stakeholders against claims for damages? 
Will the new trading models be bilateral, plurilateral, or on an ad hoc basis?
In such a tumult of confusion, certainty will be a rare commodity. read more on this article by me published on safeopedia

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By: Chris J Ward | April 19, 2017

The DIS 2 is now available, see our GAP analysis and Commentary in Resources and how you can obtain a copy.  The public comment period begins on 19 May 2017 and ends on 18 June in UK (submitted to your National Standards Body which may be a different date in your country).  The results of the ballot will be announced on 20 July 2017.  If the DIS is approved by this ballot the standard could be published by the end of 2017.  Although if there are significant comments there may be a delay until 2018.

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By: Chris J Ward | February 02, 2017

See in our news tab that the date could well be June 2018.  There must be much work to do to finalise the draft due June 2017 and then for an agreement vote.  All this gives time for preparation for its introduction. Whatever else may be in it, there has to be leadership, worker involvement and improvement processes.  These are essential to good performance in general as well as being a requirement of modern ISOs.  So we on this site will be launching products and support which will guide you through the process of achieving those aims.  If you want to hear about their development and availability use the "Register" tab to sign up

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