What is ISO 45001?

This will be the definitive new international Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard - to which global and national corporations will aspire. A Final Draft Standard will be published by the end of November 2017. A ballot is necessary which, if successful, will lead to the standard being published in February see News. As ISO 45001 is to replace BS OHSAS 18001, transition (over three years allowable) will be necessary and achievable with our resources. We will be hosting ISO 45001 conferences in the UK, New Zealand and Australia early in 2018 Read more

How we can help you to achieve ISO 45001

Early in 2018 we will have an on line an expert gap analysis tool, together with supporting practical guidance and auditor training and certification options. For those who want on site consultancy we have partners able to deliver that in the UK. Globally we are seeking reliable and quality partners. Furthermore in December we will launch our on line community which will give access to valuable information and Q & As, answered by our experts, see about us. The Linkedin EHS ISO 45001 group, the largest in the world, managed by me, Chris J Ward, is a forum for discussion and contributions to make aspiring organisations aware and help them to prepare for the introduction of ISO 45001 .


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